Auto Union – Real World Texture

The Auto Union CD “Real World Texture” was released on the 16th of June 1995. Under his Auto Union guise, Damon Vallero started the Electracom label with this CD and was the beginning of a journey into electronic music that continues to this day.

Containing styles from techno trance as it was known in those days to ambient, the album garnered some great reviews in various magazines. It contains the single This Is For Real” which went on to feature on the compilation album “Hard Trance and Psychedelic Techno” released by Phantasm Records as well as being released on vinyl via Flatline Recordings.

There are very limited copies of the CD for sale which is no longer available and has also never been (legally) digitised for download.

Previews of three tracks are available on the Soundcloud link underneath and the CD can be purchased by clicking the button below.

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