Damon Vallero – Secure Connection EP

After a break of four years, Electracom returns with a new EP from label owner Damon Vallero.  Titled ‘Secure Connection’, Damon delivers four tough and deep techno tracks that epitomise the label’s sound and provide a launch pad to take the label forward in 2014.

Promotion to press and DJs has been very well received so far.

The Electric Underground“In summary, top drawer stuff all round”
DANCE (INTERNET – NETHERLANDS – Revolver is my favourite, thanx!
IBIZA VOICE (INTERNET – SPAIN) -‘Failsafe’ is stadium techno for the ages

JOSH WINK – Really nice techno EP!  All tracks are rockin’!
LAURENT GARNIER / F COMM – Full support.
KR!Z / TOKEN – The first track is sick.  Like the last one too.  Will play both this weekend.
ANN D. / HEADCHARGE – Definitely 10 out of 10 on this.  Class dancefloor tunes
ANTON BANKS / THE VAULT – ‘Fortitude’ and ‘Revolver’ are for me
AUDIO INJECTION, TRUNCATE / DROID – Phat tracks, thanks!
CHRIS NORMAN / SYNAESTHETICS – Good release… Look forward to playing it on Synaesthetics!
DJ 3000 / UR, MOTECH – ‘Failsafe’ I will use in my next show!
DJ DEEP / DEEPLY ROUTED – Cool tracks.
DJ SHIVA / SUBTERROR RADIO – Really fantastic bunch of tunes
DR. HOFFMANN / BLIND SPOT MUSIC – Great package, will play it, thanks!
DUSTIN ZAHN / DRUMCODE – Good to see Ecom and Damon back in action!  You’ve been missed!
DVS1 / BLUEPRINT, TRANSMAT – ‘Fortitude’ is great!
FIDELITY KASTROW / BLN 88.4FM (BERLIN, GERMANY) – Love, love, love!  Can’t wait to play out at Sisyphos… on-air slots to follow shortly, merci!
GILES ARMSTRONG / THE PINT – Charting at no.7 in March Top 10 on RA
GREG GIRARD / KNIGHTS OF TECHNO – ‘Revolver’ is the track for me.
GREG GOW / RESTRUCTURED, TRANSMAT – Cool tracks, ‘Failsafe’ is my fave, will try out
INIGO KENNEDY / ASYMMETRIC, TOKEN – Good solid grooves.  Will play these
JAN KINCL / ZERO RADIO SHOW – Not for me, thanks although ‘Revolver’ is pretty cool.
JAY MASS / FUTURE MUSIC FM – Love this, they’re all great tracks, it’s hard to pick a favourite but I think ‘Fortitude’ edges it, deep and powerful 🙂
L.A.W. / LATE NIGHT SESSIONS, RTE 2FM (DUBLIN) – ‘Revolver’ is cool!  Supporting
MAT / THE ZONE FM RADIO SHOW – Thanks!  Support!
Ø [PHASE] / TOKEN – Nice.  Thanks…
PAUL MAC / STIMULUS – Useful club tackle here, think ‘Failsafe’ will work the best for me.
PAUL SIMPSON / MUSIC DIRECTOR WCBN FM – ‘Revolver’ is the best.
PERC / PERC TRAX – Powerful is errr powerful!  Thanks.
ROBERTO / KAI-ZEN, ARTFORM – Really liking the dreamy vibes of ‘Failsafe’.  Support.
ROLF MULDER / THE PUBLIC STAND – ‘Powerful Master’ is a cool minimalistic one, thanks!
RYUJI TAKEUCHI /LOCAL SOUND NETWORK, MASTERTRAXX – Nice funky tracks.  ‘Revolver’ and ‘Powerful Master’ sound great.  Full support.
SAMUEL L. SESSION / BE AS ONE, SOMA, MUSIC MAN –  ‘Fortitude’ and ‘Revolver’ is really nice here, spacey stuff for the dancefloor
SCOTT PATERSON / RINSE FM – ‘Revolver’ is dark enough for me.
SHINE / TORQUE , PLATINA MUSIC (JAPAN) – Heavy!  I will play all!  Thanx.
SLAM / SOMA –  Cool grooves – will try these out, thanx guys
TERRY MITCHELL / THE ELECTRIC UNDERGROUND – ‘Failsafe’ is fantastic!! But all tracks are of a high quality and eminently playable 🙂
TOM LONG / COLOUR, SANKEYS, MANCHESTER – Varied and vicious – love ‘Powerful Master’ the most.
WILL KINSELLA / CEOLTRONIC RADIO, RTE PULSE – This EP is awesome, well done.  Will definitely play on Ceoltronic Radio.  Thanks